Why Gold

Why Gold

Gold_Rings_OldYour wedding band is the emblem of love you show to the world every day and something you’ll wear for the rest of your life.

Gold has many qualities that have made it the ultimate symbol of love for thousands of years. Now and always, a gold wedding band will truly be the most important piece of jewelry you own.

A Ring That’s Timeless

A gold band not only symbolizes the timelessness of love, it also honors the tradition of marriage.

Gold has been at the epicenter of marriage and has been celebrated as the original and authentic symbol of love since as early as 200 AD.

A Tradition
From Roman marriage rings to those worn by American soldiers in World War II to remember loved ones, gold has been an essential part of celebrating love and commitment.

A Ring That’s A Part of You

Gold is malleable, yet strong, allowing for a wide range of intricate and custom-made designs. Gold is also the perfect metal for engraving your wedding band with a special message.

Another way to make your band unique is to find the shade of yellow, white or rose that’s perfect for you.

Gold warms instantly to your body temperature, making it extremely pleasant to wear. Like the most important person in your life, gold feels as if it is a part of you.

Gold is extremely workable. A gold band can be resized to change with you, making it the ideal metal for rings you’ll wear forever.

A Ring That’s Invaluable

An Investment
Not only will your gold wedding band be priceless to you, it will also be priceless to your children and your children’s children. Gold is a precious metal with intrinsic value proven over the centuries. A gold ring purchased 25 years ago is worth at least ten times as much today.

Gold is a pure, rare, naturally occurring element. From the Aztecs to the Gold Rush pioneers, no precious metal has been as sought after or captured mankind’s fascination more. It is so scarce that all the gold ever mined could fit into two Olympic-size swimming pools.

Your Story Starts Here

Ring_Your gold wedding band is the most important piece of jewelry you will ever wear. It’s the perfect symbol of your love. The only thing better than a gold wedding band? A gold wedding band with an engraving of your secret message.

A Ring That’s Enduring

All the gold that has ever been mined still exists. Gold does not corrode or tarnish and can be subjected to the elements and intense pressure without being destroyed. The oldest gold jewelry dates from 6,000 years ago and looks the same today as when it was first given.

If you damage a gold ring, it can always be repaired or polished to look like new. Future generations can enjoy the beauty of your wedding bands just as you will, making gold truly enduring.

Tips for Buying Gold

Take Your Time
Because of the wide variety of styles that gold offers, both in design and color, it is recommended that you shop for your bands well before your wedding. This gives you enough time to explore your options to find the ideal wedding bands for you and your partner to wear forever.

Make an Investment
A ring that will become the most important piece of jewelry you own is not something to compromise on. While most purchases for your wedding last only a day, your bands will be worn for the rest of your lives. Make your wedding bands a priority in your budget right from the beginning.

Know Your Karatage
Karatage refers to the amount of pure gold in a piece of jewelry. Gold is often combined with other metals to make it exceptionally strong. The higher the karatage, the greater the proportion of gold it contains.

24k is 100% gold and is absolutely pure. 18k is 75% gold and is recognized as the ultimate performance metal by the finest jewelry and watch brands. 14k is 58.3% gold, and the most popular choice in the US. Anything below 10k cannot legally be called gold jewelry in this country.

Consider Engraving
Gold is a malleable metal, which makes it ideal for highly personalized details like engraving. The inside of your band is the perfect place to engrave a secret message or simply the date of your wedding.